Bangalore/Karnataka High Court, Bangalore. Important visiting information

Opening Time : 10:00 AM Closing Time : 05:00 PM
Closed ON : Sunday Closed on public holidays : Yes
Entery fee : Free Authorization : No
Contact No : 80-22954864 View address & how to reach
Seasonal Feature : Office remain close every second Saturday of the month

More about Bangalore/Karnataka High Court, Bangalore and Historical Information

Bangalore High Court(Karnataka High Court) is the high court for Karnataka State and it is functioning from a building called "Attara Kutcheri" in Bangalore.

As in other high courts, there are lakhs of cases pending in the Bangalore High Court also. The irony is that the Karnataka State Government is a major litigant in many cases. The law department of the government is handling these cases.

But, due to the large numbers of arrears and backlogs of cases, the general public who are litigants are being put to immeasurable suffering. Though the Government of India, the Law Department of the Union Government and the Supreme Government are putting their heads together to find out ways to clear the backlogs of cases, it appears that it may take many more years for clearing these arrears.

In the meantime, as in the case of other High Courts, the Bangalore High Court has also switched to computerized systems. Case records of the court are being computerized and this has started benefiting all concerned. Unlike in earlier times, judges and lawyers are finding it easy to get the information they want. Litigants also benefit because if the details lawyers and judges want are available on time, there are chances that their cases will be settled soon.

There is another huge benefit due to computerization of case records. It has put an end to whatever corrupt activities that have been taking place. If more innovative steps are taken and if suitably trained staff are engaged for handling the tasks of the court, there can be substantial improvement in the functioning of the court. Backlogs of cases can also be cleared if focused and purposeful efforts are taken.

Bangalore/Karnataka High Court, Bangalore address and how to reach

Address : High Court Of Karnataka Seshadripuram, Bangalore, KA

Breaks : From 01:30 PM To 02:30 PM For For Lunch


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