For many sightseeing tours, wildlife experiences, majestic forts, and palaces, temples, etc Alwar is a defined place in Rajasthan. Alwar is one of the most visited tourist places in Rajasthan with many tourist attractions. In Rajasthan, Alwar is the best place to see many variations in one place. You will experience a lot after visiting Alwar with many interesting and notable places.

Alwar Fort:

Alwar Fort is the center of attraction to Alwar tourism. It is also known as Bala Quila Fort which is a great symbol of Alwar region architectural styles and designs. This fort was ruled out by many kingdoms like Mughals, Khanzadas, Pathans, and Jats. However, the history of this fort is so confusing and unknown. This immense fort was stretched across 15kms from North to South and located at an altitude of 305mts above the city.


The major attractions of this fort are impressive towers and gateways. There are 15 large and 51 small towers with various architectural styles. Mostly, you will be attracted to the beauty of architectural styles in this fort.

Silserh Lake:

Silserh Lake is a beautiful and pleasant artificial lake in Alwar just before the Sariska National Park. Silserh Lake is located at the backdrop of Aravali hills with lush greenery and peaceful environment. This artificial lake was commissioned by Maharaja Vinay Singh in the 19th century. For tourist attraction, there is a lake palace in the middle of the lake.

This lake palace was built for the purpose of haunting during the times of Maharaja. At present this lake palace was converted into a heritage hotel and the hotel terrace is the best place to explore the lake. However, Silserh Lake is a beautiful lake with amazing surroundings. But never miss a boat ride on the lake.

City Palace Alwar:

Alwar City Palace is an architectural marvel with the blend of both Rajput and Islamic architecture. This palace is also known as “Vinay Vilas Mahal” located at the foothills of Aravali Mountains. The main attraction of this palace is its architectural styles. Alwar City Palace well-known for its entry gates and they are Laxman Pol, Chand Pol, Kishan Pol, Suraj Pol, and Andheri gate.

Many people visit this monument to explore Alwar heritage and archaeology. And also there is a museum in the Palace which exhibits the history of the Palace with miniature paintings. There is also a Durbar hall in this palace which is another major attraction of the Alwar City Palace. It is a renowned place to know the history of Alwar city.

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri:

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri is a Cenotaphs built by Vinay Singh in the memory of Alwar’s ruler. This cenotaph is one of the famous cenotaphs in Alwar due to its architectural styles. In the cenotaph, tombs of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and his queen Rani Moosi tombs are placed. This name came to this cenotaph because Queen Rani Moosi committed “Sati” on her husband’s funeral pyre.

This cenotaph is also the best example of royal Rajasthani architecture with mythological carvings on the walls and marble-covered top. Actually, this cenotaph is located at the outside of Alwar City Palace. However, Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri cenotaph is a remarkable monument with beautiful architectural styles usage.

Garbhaji waterfalls:

Garbhaji Waterfalls is the best recreational place on the way of Silserh Lake. Garbhaji waterfalls are the best place to refresh yourself in this hot city with beautiful surroundings of trees and chirping birds. This is the best place to take a break while embarking on different places in Alwar. At Garbhaji falls you can catch up many natural wonders.

Just keep going on climbing the steep steps of Garbhaji falls to reach the starting point of waterfalls. There you can witness the true nature around you with beautiful surrounding hills and valleys with green lush. And this place is the best opportunity for many photographers to catch many interesting things in their cameras.

Bhangarh Fort:

Bhangarh Fort is India’s most haunted fort with many stories and tales about this place. It is an interesting and thrilling place in Alwar and located near the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve. This fort was banned by ASI and locals during the nights. There are many stories about this place and there is saying no one was alive after entering the fort at nights.

Alwar Jaipur

But in the point of architecturally, it is another marvel of Rajasthani architecture with different temples, remnants of palaces, and miniature waterfalls, etc. It was almost damaged and ruining.


Here it is the list of some tourist places in Alwar with interesting facts and things. Whenever you visit Alwar, never miss these places these are very interesting and enthralling to see.

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Alwar Jaipur

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