If you ever wish to explore the South of India, then Chennai is the first option to land. A vibrant culture, as pretty as a beautifully scaled picture and the chronicle of Colonial India, Chennai greets its tourists with open arms. Whilst in Chennai, you would never want to miss the opportunity to do the following amazing things:

  1. Have fun at the VGP Water Kingdom:

VGP Water Kingdom

Want to take a splashing water break from work? The VGP Universal Kingdom lets you rollick in! This is no doubt the best water park in Chennai. This water kingdom totally fulfills Disneyland in Chennai. Numerous water rides as the Super trooper, Mermaid Ship, Ferris Wheel, Wave Swinger, Flash Dance, Jumping Frog, etc. can be explored. It is not just a fun-filled, thrilling experience for kids, but for adults as well. Yet another alluring specificity of the water kingdom is the snow world, where you can have a snowy boisterously carefree time.

  1. A religious tour in and around the City:

religious buildings in Chennai

Image Credit: St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Chennai

Culture tourism is a must in Chennai. These age-old religious buildings in Chennai still stand with pride and magnificence. The shore temple of Mahabalipuram is the utmost visited. There stands an eighth-century compound consisting of three temples built by Pallava kings. The temples are sculpted in shape of chariots, hence named as PanchaRathas. The monument Descent of the Ganges is worth witnessing. The Tiger Cave, Ganesha Ratha, Arjuna’s Penance, Krishna’s Butterball, a boulder on a slope is other bewitching attributes proffered to the tourists.

  1. Explore the silicone art museum

Live Art Museum of Chennai

Heard of wax museums, clay museums, art galleries, but have you ever wondered about a silicone museum? This Live Art Museum of Chennai is the first of its kinds in the world. That’s right! With a completely new and unusual idea, this gallery exhibits life-like models of prominent figures. Have you wondered how Monalisa would look like as a model? Visit this exhibit and figure it out.

  1. Time to visit the nature:

Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a widely spread park which has accommodated about 170 species of animals and an enormous diversity of plants. This handsome place has gained fame because of its eminence in conservation and breeding of endangered species. You will find some really rare and imperil animals in here. Safaris and cycling through the park will let you explore the animals even better. The entire environment would bring your mind to a subtle peace and take you closer to the earth. The library in the compound has countless informative books about the abode of these animals.

  1. Activate your taste buds:

Tamil Nadu Food

Visiting Tamil Nadu without tasting its authentic dishes is an incomplete tour. Chennai has copious choices to do this. Dakshin is a South Indian restaurant with great aura and even better flavors. Murugan idli and dosa, seafood, banana dosa, elaneerpayasam, filter coffee, chepalapulusu, Malabar parota are some dishes that will leave you with a finger-licking experience. The lavish gimcrack of the eatery completely fills your mood with genuine Tamilian warmth.

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September 5, 2018
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If you ever wish to explore the South of India, then Chennai is the first option to land. A vibrant culture, as pretty as a beautifully […]
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