Uber & Lyft trips as the state fees attached to these companies are expected to go up the fare.
Uber & Lyft Fare to Go up as the State Fees Attached to These Companies are Expected to Raise.
January 25, 2020
rise of tourism in kazakhstan
Rise of Travel & Tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan
May 7, 2020

Kiling effect of Coronavirus on Travel Industry

The Coronavirus has robbed a lot of industries of its customers, so much so that the world economy has started to dwindle. One such unfortunate enterprise is the travel industry. The COVID-19 had already started having its effects on the travel industry and now it has been official. With many nations of the world restricting their citizens to not leave the country, it is clear it is an international pandemic. 

The one and only way to avoid catching the virus is to restrain yourself to your rooms. People all over the world are getting aware of this fact and therefore the large number of cancelled tickets. There DGCA has also asked international airlines to consider waiving cancellation tickets. Following this, many travel offices have been temporarily closing down. 

The people who are currently travelling are having to go through careful measures and extensive screening periods to out the spread of the virus. Coronavirus spreads through contact and can install itself in the body if the contamination comes anywhere near the mouth, eyes, or nose. Since we mostly come in contact with things and people through our hands, it is advised to wash your hands on a regular basis. 

While the Coronavirus has caused a lot of us to make borderline changes to our lifestyles, the only way it can be avoided is not coming in contact with fellow human beings for a couple of weeks. One could either make the best or the worst of this scenario. We would prefer you make the best and once the plague is the whole world would be your oyster. In the meantime, wash your hands and practice social distancing. 

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