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7 Things You Can Do While In The New Kartavya Path For the First Time

Kartavya path

How long since the last time you took the classic, “old-yet gold” picnic trip to India Gate? If you have to think about it, believe it’s been a while! The pandemic first caused a halt to our plans to go there, and then construction ravaged the paths of the famous India Gate, making our plans to go there for the midnight ice cream treat impractical. But don’t fret, Delhiites and all of the new Central Vista and the newly-dubbed Kartavya Path are now open to the public. Go ahead and take a trip to Central Vista for a fun-filled day!

  1. Return To Badminton

Get your exercise into your routine to get the blood pumping after a long period of looking at the new-look area. Badminton is the ideal activity to engage in during your time at Central Vista. There’s plenty of room, and maybe the wind favors you. You could even play doubles with other badminton players and make a few acquaintances in Central Vista. This sounds like a good excursion, in our opinion.

  1. Ride Yulu Bikes

Central Delhi mainly has Yulu bicycle spots in the city, which you can utilize for a quick trip from the location without spending a sum of money on commuting. You can use their app to download and rent bikes to cycle around the secure zones in Kartavya Path and maybe take pleasure in the many sights that could not be seen on foot. It’s a refreshing experience, and should you not feel like walking, you can rent the Yulu bike and ride the updated version faster.

You must take a look at the new Central Vista for yourselves. Please take plenty of photos, don’t trash the monument area, and ensure it is neat following your day’s adventures. Happy Picnic!

  1. A Walk from Rashtrapati Bhavan To India Gate Through the Kartavya Path

Following the renovation, it is now possible to be awestruck by the new Central Avenue. It runs from Man Singh Road to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, then to India Gate, and is renamed The Kartavya Path. The Kartavya Road. During Republic Day, this stretch is used for all ceremonial events, hence the name change. It is the easiest to access region, so eat some snacks and walk through Kartavya Path for a pleasant stroll with beautiful views.

  1. Have a fun picnic at India Gate Reminiscent Of Your Childhood Days

We all had unforgettable occasions of picnicking at India Gate while growing up. It’s quite a specific location to spend your weekends and not pay attention to how busy it could be when the sun goes down. The fall season is here, and all you need is some card games or a book, an excellent homemade meal, and company to make the most of the rest of your life while you enjoy the stunning landscapes of the new region.

  1. Ice Cream Sundaes

“I scream, you scream. We all scream to get ice cream! That’s precisely our response when we come across the numerous Ice cream sellers in India Gate. It is true that eating ice cream at night here just feels different. It’s a custom to take a bite of the melting cream off of the cones of ice cream that run down our fingers as we relax and look at the stunning nature around us or play scrabble as we lay upon the picnic table. This year the vendors will be able to choose from seven distinct zones and two blocks of amenities. Let the ice cream wars begin!

  1. Check Out The Subhash Chandra Bose Statue Installed at Canopy

Installation of the long-awaited Subhash Chandra Bose statue is finally being revealed in the canopy just in front of the India Gate. Netaji’s statue can be observed from it. India Gate itself with perfect harmony. It’s even better with all of the light fixtures at the monument turned up.

  1. Boating On The Clean and Renovated Canals

Shortly, boating activities on the waterways of Central Vista will resume, and the two water canals will be available for boating experience for all of you who would like a ride in the water. There’s one right on the lawn in front of India Gate, and the other is behind Krishi Bhawan. Boating in Delhi is an unforgettable experience accompanied by India Gate, as a view can be indeed an unforgettable experience!

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