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How to Ensure Your Elderly Parents’ Safety Before You Leave for a Vacation

elderly monitoring system

Having elderly parents at home makes you responsible for their quality and security of life, regardless of where you are. Elderly people are one of the delicate demographic of society that needs to be taken care of and provided for. While there is always an option to appoint caregivers at your home to take proper care of your elderly parents or other members of your family, you should also have a monitoring system installed in your house so you can stay up to date with your loved ones even from a distance. 

If you are leaving for vacations and can’t take your elderly family member along with you, hiring professional caregivers can help you alleviate your concerns about their well-being. Besides hiring professional caregivers, you should also opt for a monitoring system so you can stay in touch with your elderly family members and have peace of mind about whether the hired professionals are doing their job properly. 

Some of the ways a monitoring system can help you take better care of your elderly parents from a distance include:


While professional caregivers would undoubtedly do their job of taking proper care of the elderly, sometimes you would need to connect with your family members to make sure they are safe, secure, and comfortable. A monitoring system allows you to not track the daily activities of your loved ones, it also helps you connect with them over video calls, text messages, and audio calls. 

elderly monitoring system

Medication reminder

Elderly people tend to have a long list of medications that they need to take at certain times over the course of the day. Although you can inform the hired professionals about the medicines and timing, an elderly monitoring system will be beneficial in reminding them of the same through screen prompts, emails, and notifications. A more advanced monitoring system can also alert you if the medication reminders are not acknowledged.

Emergency help

Monitoring systems feature an emergency button that connects the elderly to emergency services in case they are in the need of urgent medical care. These features come in handy especially for those people who are suffering from certain health conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. The emergency help button can also be modified to call relatives or neighbors if your loved ones are concerned about calling emergency services directly.

Health monitoring

Besides monitoring the daily activities of the elderly, the monitoring systems also allow users to take daily health checkups to gauge their blood pressure, sleeping pattern, and heart rate. In case the system comes across an unusual reading, it alerts the immediate relatives or neighbors so the elderly can be taken care of with proper medication instantly.

These are some of the ways a monitoring system can be beneficial for the elderly. Hiring professional caregivers helps you take care of all the needs of the elderly and a monitoring system can give you an accurate representation of the elderly’s health and wellbeing. So whether you are leaving for a vacation or have to attend an important meeting out of the state, make sure to have a monitoring system installed in your house in addition to hiring professional help. 

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