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What To Put In The Suitcase To Go To Morocco?

Morocco Travel Tips

Morocco is a destination that attracts many tourists every year. If you are looking for sun and a total change of environment without having to go to the other side of the world, a trip to Morocco is just what you need. Ready to take off? Check for the last time what you carry in your suitcase and all that you will need on your trip to Morocco so that you have a comfortable tour and enjoy your excursion. You can also take a look at desert tours in Marrakech for all the excursions you can do there.

It usually has a warm temperature in Morocco throughout the year, so wear light clothes. At night it could cool according to the time and the area to which you travel since it has very varied landscapes: from the Sahara Desert to the Rif mountains. If you plan to visit the coast do not forget the swimsuit and towel, or on the contrary, if you feel like doing some hiking route, take some good hiking boots too.

Do not forget clothes that cover arms and legs to enter religious sites and, if you travel to less touristy areas, it is recommended that women wear clothes that are not very short and discreet. It is also convenient to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen when the heat is tightening harder. If you plan to travel to the desert, do not forget a handkerchief to cover yourself as a turban! Although you will surely find very nice designs to buy.

Prepare a basic travel kit, emphasizing treatments against digestive problems, since they are quite frequent in tourists. Put strips in case you get blisters after hiking in the mountains.

You must have your passport in order before entering the country, as well as a photocopy on paper or digital format just in case. As for the payment method, it is best to change at the airport or exchange houses from dollars or euros to dirhams. You can take the credit card although, for the day to day and especially to buy by the souk, you will pay in cash.

Morocco is an incredibly photogenic

Morocco is an incredibly photogenic country. So that on the way back you do not lack memories, take the camera and memory cards. 

If you plan to drive there, you will need the driving license with international validity. 

Take a good dose of an adventurous spirit and desire to discover this country so amazing and different.

Here is what you need to put into your suitcase when traveling to Morocco.

  1. Good hiking boots for hiking
  2. A mosquito repellent
  3. After-sun lotion and sunscreen cream
  4. The international driving license in case you rent a car
  5. A camera or video to take with you the best memories
  6. Local cash
  7. A photocopy of the passport, in case you lose it
  8. A first aid kit to cure the most typical ailments
  9. Covered and discreet clothing to enter places of worship
  10. A little warmer clothes for cool nights
  11. Light clothes to cope with the heat

Now that you have known what to put in the suitcase to go to Morocco, I’m sure you will have a very nice trip to Morocco and you can also take a look at desert tours from Marrakech for all the excursions you can do there.

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