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  • Advertorial and Self Promotion Content is Prohibited

    You are not allowed to post / submit articles that are advertorial in nature. Which means, if your articles are found to be promoting your product or service directly it will be declined submission. The articles should rather be informative in nature.
  • Minimum Word Length

    Each article submitted must be at least 500 words long. However, in special cases where there is a video or more images (real visuals that you own or created and not those taken from royalty free sites) shall be allowed. e.g If it is a photo travelogue we shall approve it even if it contains 200 words and 10 photos or a video.
  • Unique travel content & submitted nowhere before

    The content you submit here must be unique and never posted anywhere else before. You are neither allowed to re-publish the same post on any other site after its published on MyVisitingHours.org.
  • LInking and Citations

    You are allowed to take backlinks only to pages that are relevant to the context of the page. Links that are affiliated urls or those that link to suspicious pages will be removed. Links to Pharma, Porn, Gambling, & Hatred content will be removed too.

Benefits you Get

  • Reach more real readers worldwide

    MyVisitingHours is a popular and growing travel information portal. We get over 60,000 visitors only from Organic searches. So when you write on this site you also get the same huge audience.
  • Your Travel Articles are synced with travel information on the main website

    Wherever suitable we show latest posts or relevant posts from the blog to engage & inform our readers. So we promote your articles on the parent site.
  • Rank better with SEO Benefits

    With contextual links back to your website you get powerful SEO benefits from this popular travel site. But make sure you link judiciously because unjust links that do not match our linking criteria will be removed.
  • Sales option for Regular Writers

    If you are a travel services provider or if you sell travel books and have been a long time contributor we may give you options to list your products and advertise on our website so that you may get direct sales. We promote Tour Packages, Travel Books and Memorabilia.
  • Entry into our Business Directory

    Regular contributors can get an entry into our business directory too for some additional benefits. You can list your business hours or operating hours if you take in walk-in clients.