Folk Art Museum
The Folk art Museum of Patna is one of the best places for those who like to explore traditional folk art. You will find some of the best folk musical instruments, costumes and jewellery. You will find ceramic samples which are very old. Th... View Information
Jalan Museum
This is a private museum of Bihar. This is also known as the Quila House. This is a private residential property. It is located on the banks of Ganga. This house was built in 1919. This house has a collection of different antique objects. T... View Information
Indira Gandhi Planetarium
The Indira Gandhi Planetarium Patna was built through Bihar Council on Science & Technology. This is one of the major tourist’s attractions and many foreign visitors also visit this planetarium which is one of the largest planetar... View Information
Gandhi Sangrahalaya
Situated at one corner of the Gandhi Maidan, the Gandhi Sangrahalaya is a museum showcasing the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Serving as an information bank for Mahatma Gandhi, the museum also depicts his role in Bihar during the freedom struggle... View Information
Indosan Nippon Japanese
Located just 15 kilometers from the historic city of Bodh Gaya, Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The exquisite piece of architecture was built in 1972. Quintessentially Japanese, the temple follows the design cues... View Information
Mahabodhi Temple
The literal meaning of Mahabodhi Temple means the Temple of Great Awakening. The UNESCO has declared this ancient religious destination to be a World Heritage Site. What adds credibility to the sacredness of this place is the historic incid... View Information
Buddha Smriti Park
A must visit for everyone coming to Patna, the Buddha Smriti Park has become one of the symbols of Buddhism in India. Buddha’s life and his teachings are brought to life within the walls of the park. The Buddha Smriti Park comprises... View Information
Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan Zoo
Established in 1972Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan Zoo or the Patna zoo is one of the largest Zoo’s in India. Around 110 species of animals are housed at the Zoo. Spread over 153 acres of pristine land, the zoo primarily focuses on conser... View Information
Patna Museum
This is a State Museum which has historical artefacts of Patna. The local name for this museum is Jadu Ghar. The building has Mughal and Rajput architecture. There are many different items that are displayed in this museum. This includes ar... View Information
Golghar is a granary in Patna. The main objective was to store huge quantities of grains. Captain John Garstin  designed the beehive shaped structure. The Golghar has Stupa architecture. The height of the building is 29 m. This buildin... View Information
Central Jail Gaya
The Central Jail of Gaya was built at a time when the British East India Company was ruling the country. The authorities of the Company were enthusiastic about introducing the concept of central prisons. Such a policy was brought into exist... View Information
Patna High Court
The Patna High Court is the top law authority of Bihar, located in the state capital, Patna. Been established in the year 1916, Patna High Court remains to be one of the oldest courts in modern India. On 22 March 1912, then Governor-General... View Information
Barabar Caves
One of the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in the India, Barabar caves are one of the most excellent examples of ancient Indian architecture. Carved entirely out of granite, the Caves have two main rooms. The Caves are mentioned in the Maha... View Information
Vishnupad Temple
The Vishnupad temple is situated beside river Falgu. Legend has it that Lord Rama along with his wife Sita, had visited the temple, which dates back to thousands of years. However, the modern structure was built in the year 1787. The place... View Information
Great Buddha Statue
The Great Buddha statue is one of the most iconic Buddhist monuments, located in Bodhgaya, Bihar. What makes it stand out is its height. The statue stands 19.507 meters high, which equals to 64 feet. The monument displays Lord Buddha seated... View Information