Lotus Temple
The architecture of Lotus Temple was constructed by Bahai Faith which is located at our capital New Delhi. The temple was completed at 1986 by 8000 engineers and other workers in a team. Lotus temple resembles like a lotus flower which cons... View Information
Tiger Hill
The tiger hill is situated 11 kilometers from Darjeeling and it is very famous for the view of sunrise over Himalayas from here. It has the world’s third largest mountain Kanchenjunga. The railway station present here was considered a... View Information
Ajanta & Ellora are considered to be world’s caves heritage, because this two places are famous for its deep lying caves, created by the Aurangzeb emperors. These were constructed by shaping & furnishing plain mountains &... View Information
Ajmer Sharif
Ajmer Sharif is considered as the most imperative sacred place for Muslims on behalf of the presence of tomb of founder of Christi Sufi, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. As it is located in Rajasthan, the border state of India, people from Pakista... View Information
National Zoological Park (Delhi Zoo)
In this busy world, people are not taking care of their own and also to their family members. To get relaxation over them, most of the people prefer to move outside during weekends. National zoological park is one of the most interesting pl... View Information
India Gate
India gate is one of the famous historic places in India which is situated at its capital, New Delhi. It is an important war memorial building in India which is built in memory of the thousands of Indian soldiers who sacrificed their life i... View Information
Khajuraho Temple
Originally the city was erected by rulers of Chandela with around 85 temples. But after many invasions and natural destructions, only 22 remain now, demonstrating the rich culture of the India. As the temples were spread in all directions,... View Information
Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar is world heritage place to visit in Delhi. It was constructed by mughal architect. It measures about 14.32 meters height. It has 3 storeys in it. First storey is angular, second is circular and third is angular. Totally it has 3... View Information
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is located at the banks of river Yamuna, Agra. The construction was between 1631- 1653 which was build by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Taj Mahal covers 42 acres of land. The significance of Taj Mahal is that it is one of the Sev... View Information
The Red Fort (Lal Quila)
Red fort is one the historical monuments in India. It is other wise called as Lal Quila. It is situated across the river Yamuna. Because of these properties this is attracted by most of the people, so they prefer this place for tourism. Par... View Information
Old Fort or Purana Quila
Purana Quila, the famous historical monument in Delhi was raised by Humayun in the year of 1533, but in a while it was renamed as Shergarh as the fort was being invaded by Sher Shah Suri. The capital City of Humayun Empire was found to be s... View Information