Cafe Sheesh Mahal
Travelling through Jodhpur will often leave you awestruck and wanting to savour all the pretty places in your heart. You would need a calm place with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hands to relive the memories of all the places that... View Information
The wide-spread desert of Rajasthan harbours a large variety of culture that has been active in the states through generations. The 400 years old Khejarla Fort in Jodhpur is one such juncture where tourism and culture come together to creat... View Information
Sardar Government Museum
The Sardar Government Museum in Jodhpur allows you access to the history and culture of Jodhpur. It was built in 1909 and is situated inside Umaid Public Gardens. The museum was built by Henry Vaughan Lanchester under the reign of Maharaja... View Information
Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum
The Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum covers one part of the palace, which was originally the residence of the former royal family of Jodhpur. Maharaja Umaid Singh was known for his fascination for the western lifestyle. He had hired Henry Vaughan... View Information
Umaid Bhawan Palace
The Umaid Bhawan Palace of Jodhpur is among the largest private residences in the world. Currently, some part of this palace is managed by the Taj Hotel Group. The palace was originally named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, who happened to be t... View Information
Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
Pakke Tiger Reserve, which is widely known as the Pakhui wildlife sanctuary, is located along the foothills of the Himalayas, in the East Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. The sanctuary was originally a part of the Khellong Forest Divis... View Information
Viceregal Lodge
The Viceregal Lodge, which also goes by the name ’Rashtrapati Niwas’, is situated on top of the Observatory Hills in Shimla. Formerly, the building served as the residence of India’s British Viceroy. The building stores a... View Information
Himalayan Bird Park
More popularly known as Himalayan Aviary, this park in Shimla is one of the most famous accommodating a large range of birds. The park is filled with lush green trees and various types of plants rendering an overall calm and soothing enviro... View Information
Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary
The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is located 13 km away from Pasighat. The sanctuary is spread across a cluster of islands along the Siang River. The only option to reach this picturesque tourist destination is to cruise along the river.... View Information
The Golden Pagoda
The Golden Pagoda of Arunachal Pradesh is situated along a 20 hectare complex in the Namsai District in Arunachal Pradesh. The Pagoda is also called by the name ’Kongmu Kham’, which happens to be a term in the Khamti language. I... View Information
Tawang War Memorial
The Tawang War Memorial was built in dedication for the war heroes; Indian Army officers who were martyred during the Sino-India war, which took place in 1962. The War Memorial is also known as the ’Namgyal Chorten’, which is a... View Information
Bomdila Monastery
The Bomdila Monastery was inaugurated in the year 1965. Over the years, this centre of meditation and religious practice has seen many famous Buddhist Lamas and monks to have visited the monastery for the sake of enlightenment. In fact, the... View Information
Namdapha National Park
The Namdapha National Park happens to be one of the largest protected areas around the Eastern Himalayan hotspot. In terms of its occupied area, the place also boasts of being the third largest national park of India. Being one of India&rsq... View Information
Sela Pass
The Sela Pass is more commonly known as ’Se La’. The term ’La’ denotes ’Pass’ by itself. The picturesque high-altitude mountain pass is situated near the border of Tawang & West Kameng Districts in Ar... View Information
Tawang Monastery
The Tawang Monastery is situated in Tawang city of the district with the same name in Arunachal Pradesh. It happens to be India’s largest monastery and the second largest of its kind in the world, ranking just after the Potala Palace,... View Information