MyVisitingHours About Us

MyVisitingHours is an ambitious project that aims to record and maintain important visiting information about popular places of interest. These could be travel / entertainment / government offices / private businesses etc.

We have just started and are covering only three countries US, India and Thailand. We intend to cover the whole world soon. If you wish to join us in this venture as content partners or advertisement partners please feel free to contact us here.

This is an effort by Nth Dimension – a small tech start-up based in New Delhi, India. So this project is currently privately funded and growing steadily. We have all the expertise that is required to make this project successful. We are working on improving the websites user experience and adding more content to the website. We are also focusing on SEO and other internet marketing methods to drive qualified traffic to the website.

We are also looking to partner with Travel Companies who can showcase their products in the travel segment. If you think we can benefit from MyVisiting hours then let’s discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee. Even if you are in New York or Bangkok we could still discuss things over a cup of coffee though not necessarily on the same table.