You have have a travel business or travel related business that targets India MyVisitingHours can generate relevant and qualified leads for you. Apart from Google Ads we display banners ads around the site. Our Ads are very prominent and have high conversion rates. We have provided below some vital information regarding ad-pricing and lead generation.

We Offer both Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Impression method of advertising. You can choose which model to opt for. As a rule of thumb companies promoting a brand should prefer the Pay-Per-Impression model while companies looking for business / leads should prefer the Pay-Per-Click model. Prices for the same are provided below.
PPC – 15 INR Per Click to your website.
PPI – 250 INR for 1000 Impressions.

Advertisement Guidelines

  1. Advertisers can only ask show ads that add value to our website. Products or services from the following niches will be accepted. Domestic Travel (India), Outbound Travel (From India), Travel Products (Tents, Guide Books etc), Hotels, Restaurants, Amusement Parks.
  2. As the website covers other niches and businesses we will add more options and niches for our advertisers. Till then the niches mentioned above are being offered.
  3. All links in the ads will be ‘nofollowed’ sticking to Google guidelines.
  4. All landing pages used by the advertiser will be manually verified and are subject to approval of our editors. Landing pages that redirect to other pages will not be accepted. You may advertise affiliate sales pages.
  5. Presence of content / advertisement or reference to Pornography/ drugs / religious attacks / sexual biasing or other such sensitive and negative topics will lead to a direct disqualification.
  6. In amount that is not utilized by the advertiser will be refunded if we decide to stop your advertisement. However if your advertisement is banned due to a reason covered on Point no 5 above no refunds will be made.

Payments can be made in favour of
Nth Dimension
ICICI Bank – Current Account
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