Besant nagar beach
Besant Nagar is counted among some of the coolest neighbourhood in Chennai accommodating must-see tourist attractions. One such point of attraction is the Besant Nagar Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Chennai, second only to Marina... View Information
Madras Crocodile Bank
The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology is a zoo for reptilian animals. It is located 40 kilometres south city of Chennai and is a registered trust and a recognized zoo under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. The Bank... View Information
MGM Dizzee World
In Chennai, there is no shortage of amusement parks. However, an amusement park such as MGM Dizzee World, with over 50 thrilling rides suited for all ages, speaks for itself. The park is around 30 kilometres away from the city. It is also o... View Information
Bannerghatta National Park
Bannerghatta National Park was founded in 1970 in Bangalore and declared a national park in 1974. The year 2002 saw the national park carved into another part which became a biological reserve called Bannerghatta Biological Park. The natio... View Information
Snow City
Snow city Bangalore is the first ever "all snow amusement" park in Karnata and is a very popular place for children, student groups, and families throughout the year. They maintain a temperature of -5 degree centigrades inside and give... View Information
Crazy Waters
As the name suggests, this amusement park in Bengaluru is a thrilling adventure ride for you and your family. The park is filled with water slides that will blow your mind and adding that with the views of adjoining cities that you get to p... View Information
Lumbini Gardens
Situated on the banks of Nagawara Lake in Bangalore, Lumbini Garden is named after Lumbini of Nepal. The garden is dedicated to Lord Budhha. The Garden, although mainly a national park, provides serene landscapes and lush green environment... View Information
Dolphin City
Now one of the most iconic amusement parks in Chennai, Dolphin City first started off as a water park with 4 dolphins for visitor’s entertainment. However, the dolphins could not adapt to the environment and succumb. As a recourse to... View Information
Nainital Zoo
Nainital Zoo, also known as Pt. G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo, is located in Nainital. Many endangered species of Himalayas are carefully protected in the Nainital Zoo. Among the many species of animals include Snow Leopard, Tibetan wolf, Sa... View Information
Kempty Falls
Kempty Falls is among the most famous attractions in the hill station of Mussoorie. A British officerJohn Mekinan developed this site as a leisure destination in 1835. The name of the falls was derived from Camp-Tea which means a place wher... View Information
Eco Cave Gardens
The Eco Cave Garden is one of the most popular attractions in Nainital. The gardens are known for hanging gardens, interconnected rocky caves, and the musical fountain. There are six small caves in the shape of various animals which togethe... View Information
Nainital Lake
Naini Lake in Nainital is one of the major attractions in the area. This beautiful natural fresh body lake is formed in the shape of a kidney. The lake is a major point for various other tourist attractions being bounded by Naini Peak on No... View Information
Company Garden
In terms of visiting places, Mussoorie hides many gems among its folds which leave the visitors awestruck and wanting to explore more. The company Garden is one such popular tourist attraction, situated around 3 kilometres away from Mall Ro... View Information
Mindrolling Monastery
Mindrolling Monastery, also known as the Tibetan Buddhist Temple, is located at a distance of 9 km from Dehradun Railway Station in Clement town.  The monastery has breathtaking views of natural scenery considering that it is set amids... View Information