Central Prison and Correction Home, Thrissur
Central Prison and Correction Home are situated in Thrissur, Kerala. Being one of the three central jails of the state, besides Thiruvananthapuram and Kannur, it is one of the most important detention centres. The prison is divided into two... View Information
Bangalore Central Jail
Central Prison, Bangalore is also known as Bangalore Central Jail and Parappana Agartha Central Jail. It is the largest prison in Karnataka. The prison was established in 1997 but only came to be the central jail in 2000. In the year 2000,... View Information
Chanchalguda Central Jail
One of the oldest jails in the country, the Changchalguda Central Jail, is situated in Hyderabad. The prison is located in the old city of Hyderabad at Changchalguda. It was built under the guidance of the chief architect Nawab Khan Bahadur... View Information
Sabarmati Central Jail
Established in 1895, Sabarmati Central Jail is the main prison in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The prison is used for various activities such as reformation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of prisoners. Moreover, the prisoners are also provided v... View Information
Central Jail Aguada
Central Jail Aguada is located at one of the most interesting locations overlooking the sea. The prison used to be the largest jail in Goa, but as the government realized its potential for a tourist spot, The Goa Tourism Development Corpora... View Information
Central Jail Raipur
One of the five central jails in Chattisgarh, Central Jail Raipur, has a total capacity of 1100 people. The penitentiary was created during the British era and has had several freedom fighters as inmates. On the day of Gandhi Jayanti in 201... View Information
Guwahati Central Jail
Located at the centre of Guwahati city in Assam, Guwahati Central Jail is one of the 31 prisons located in the state. The prison is spread over an area of 28 acres, out of which 11 acres are dedicated for the jail area. The first jail was b... View Information
Rajahmundry Central Jail
The Dutch constructed a fort in Rajamahendravaram in 1602, which was later turned into a jail in 1864 by the British empire. It was also upgraded to central jail in 1870. Spread over an area of 196 acres, the jail teaches its prisoners to m... View Information
Naini Central Jail
Built during the British era, Naini Central Jail is one of the most important prisons and correctional institutes in Uttar Pradesh. The prison is especially famous for accommodating prominent freedom fighters, including Motilal Nehru, Jawa... View Information
Puzhal Central Jail
Puzhal Central Jail is located in Chennai and covers an area of about 23 kilometres. It came into function in 2006, replacing the previous Chennai Central Prison.  The plan of constructing the prison came into effect in the early 2000... View Information
Yerawada Central Prison
One of the most high-security prisons in India, the Yerwada Central Jail, is located in Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of the largest prisons in the state of Maharashtra, as well as one of the largest prisons in South Asia, with a capacity to... View Information
Andaman Cellular Jail  (Kala Pani)
The Cellular Jail, also known as Kaala Pani, was a colonial prison in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. The British Empire used the prison to detain political prisoners to the remote islands. While the prison itself was built between... View Information
Chopta Chandrashila Trek
Set in the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand, this trek is for wildlife lovers. Given its relative accessibility, Chopta Chandrashila is one of the most preferred treks of Uttarakhand. It offers a serene and breathtaking view of t... View Information
Churdhar Trek
Also known as Churi Chandni Dhar and Bangles of Snow, this ridge is the highest peak in the outside Himalayan range. Surrounded by a 56 square kilometer forest sanctuary, Churdhar gives you one of the best views for trekking. The trek hikes... View Information