Golghar, Patna. Important visiting information

Opening Time : 10:00 AM Closing Time : 05:00 PM
Closed ON : Monday Closed on public holidays : No
Entery fee : Free Authorization : No
Contact No : +9192799 06808 View address & how to reach
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    Golghar, Patna

    More about Golghar, Patna and Historical Information

    Golghar is a granary in Patna. The main objective was to store huge quantities of grains. Captain John Garstin  designed the beehive shaped structure. The Golghar has Stupa architecture. The height of the building is 29 m. This building has no pillars. At the base the thickness of the wall is 3.6m. The building has a spiral staircase with 145 steps. A person can reach the top of the Golghar by using these steps. The staircase was for the smooth passage of workers who use to load and unload the grains in this granary. The main reason for building this granary was to prevent famine like situations in this area. However this was the only granary that was constructed. No other granaries were constructed though initially there were plans to build a series of grain stores.

    From top of the Golghar you get a beautiful view of the city and the Ganga river. This historical monument is never filled to its full capacity. The reason cited is that the doors of the Goghar open inwards. So if the granary is filled to full capacity then the doors will not open. However, visitors claim that the doors open outwards. This monument is currently under renovation.

    Golghar, Patna address and how to reach

    Address : Golghar Chowrah, Ashok Rajpath, Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar 800001

    How To Reach: By Train:3.7 KM away from Patna Junction Railway Station
    ByAir 8.5 KM away from Jay Prakash Narayan Airport

    Railway Address :Patna Junction railway station, Fraser Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001 Airport Address :Jay Prakash Narayan Airport, Shaheed Pir Ali Khan Marg, Near Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800014


    Way from Nearest Railway station Way from Nearest Airport

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