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January 23, 2020
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Uber & Lyft Fare to Go up as the State Fees Attached to These Companies are Expected to Raise.
January 25, 2020

Top Travel Forums to Plan Your Trip or Promote Your Travel Business

travel forum list

To find out information about travelling is not so much of a difficult task these days, thanks to the internet and the availability of a plethora of apps to help you out. However, you can’t attest to the accuracy and correctness of the information you find out online, no matter how many sites or apps you use. 

The best way to find out information about travelling is still word of mouth from our fellow human beings, chiefly because they have experienced it themselves and would only give sensible advice about your itinerary. The best way to connect to people about travelling guidelines and information is to join a travel forum. There are plenty of travel forums around, and all of them have their specialities that can serve your particular niche of travelling and leisure. Let us take a look at the top 10 travel forums and figure out how to get the most out of them.

Tripadvisor Travel Forum

The Tripadvisor travel forum is a mature option with an older crowd compared to other forums available on the internet. The forum is run and moderated by experts who are experts in travel and leisure activities from around the world. The forum offers a wide variety of information and has pretty respondent crowd when it comes to answering individual questions. 

Where Tripadvisor travel forum excels is its section of destination information along with the special interest section. One of the best forums out there to help you plan your vacation at ease.

Thorn Tree Travel Forum

A part of Lonely Planet– once among the best travel websites to harvest information from, until the BBC bought it, Thorn Tree Travel is an extensive and interactive forum. Nevertheless, Thorn Tree Travel Forum, despite being less crowded, is the best option for backpackers and long-term travellers. While the forum is comparatively young, it has information about everything and anything related to travel. Sections are covering almost all the aspects of travelling, especially for those looking to travel cheaply. 

Fodor’s Travel Talk Forum

One of the great features of this forum is the Trip Reports, which lays down thorough views about the world’s top travel destinations, the likes of which you won’t be able to obtain from anywhere unless you travel to these destinations yourself. This forum is mainly focused on Europe with a beautiful destination section and preference for the cruise. If you are looking for ‘how-to’ tips on travelling, you might not have much to see, however, if narrative posted by bona fide travellers is something that interests you, Fodor’s Travel Talk Forum should be your choice.

Frommer’s Forum

Although less active, this forum offers excellent advice and essential tips for travelling. Its best features are the Tips, Tools, and Deals section. 


Holding on its own since 2002, Travellerspoint knows its business. Besides being an excellent and active forum, Travellerspoint also features special sections such as a trip planner and a blog. Before everyone got on the WordPress train and started their blogs, this was one of the few places that allowed people to host travel blogs for free. It still features the blog section for people who want to share their personal travel experiences with family and friends. 

Nomadic Matt Forum

A simple and decently active forum to help you sort out your travel requirements, Nomadic Matt is the forum that will cater to your basic travelling queries and provide you with detailed answers. 


Focused on Indian destinations and hill stations, IndiaMike gives detailed information about travelling to various parts of India. The forum also provides information about the time, cost, and accommodations and food systems of the listed places.

Cruise Critic

Particularly focused on cruise side of travel, Cruise Critic is divided into individual company reviews, membership, and meeting up with other cruise lovers. Although a little dated in terms of representation, the forum offers a variety of cruise related questions and their answers.

Horizons Unlimited

The most comprehensive forum to obtain information about an overland vehicle travelling, Horizons Unlimited best serves the travelling enthusiasts rather than the ones looking for a place to go during their vacations. The forum also provides answers for border crossings, carnet de passage, and country-specific queries.

Travel Fish

One of the best South East Asia travel fora, Travel Fish, will offer you a plethora of information. The forum covers most of the world’s countries and is moderated tactically enough to be relevant. The forum has also added new countries which might help you ask your first travel question. 

Special Mentions

While the forums mentioned above are global, there are a few speciality forums that may be worth your while. 

  • Specific destination forums: You can search terms like ‘Russia travel forum’ or ‘travel forum Asia’, you can access special forums focused on a particular continent or country. 
  • Searching for ‘ex-pat forums’ will yield you some great results that will tell you what a place is really like. You can also add the name of the country you are travelling to after the term ‘ex-pat forums’ to get a better understanding.
  • Thematic travel forums like Mouthfuls is an excellent example of a forum that combines food and travel. Similarly, Flyertalk it easy to find out about the best air travel plans.

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