Annandale Army Heritage Museum, Shimla. Important visiting information

Opening Time : 10:00 AM Closing Time : 05:00 PM
Closed ON : Monday Closed on public holidays : Yes
Entery fee : Free Authorization : No
Contact No : 09816 078074 View address & how to reach
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    Annandale Army Heritage Museum, Shimla

    More about Annandale Army Heritage Museum, Shimla and Historical Information

    If you want to know the best things about the Indian Army then you must visit Annandale Army Heritage Museum. It is a very well maintained museum. At the entrance, there is an anti-aircraft which points in the air. There is also a jawan with his AK47. There is a 9 hole golf course. The land is also used as parking for the helicopter of the Chief Minister.

    The motto of the army is displayed in the museum. This motto has been inspired from the Hindu Vedas. The dress codes of the different regiments are also displayed in this museum. This is also a place where you can see the different arms of the army. You will also find the General Order of execution of Mangal Pandey. You must also check out the greenhouse. This place has cactus and other waterless plants.

    In the campus, there is a meeting room and a huge clock. The huge lawns and the beautiful cedar trees in the surrounding are all so beautiful. Overall this place gives you an idea about the Indian army. At the same time, it serene location takes you closer to nature. This is one the best and one of the well-maintained places of Simla.

    Annandale Army Heritage Museum, Shimla address and how to reach

    Address : Annadale Rd, Annadale, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171003, India

    How To Reach: By Train:2.9 KM away from Shimla Railway Station
    By Air: 22.3 KM away from Shimla Airport

    Breaks : From 02:00 PM To 03:00 PM For Lunch

    Railway Address :Shimla Railway Station,Cart Rd, Nabha, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171004 Airport Address :Shimla Airport, Jubbarhatti, Himachal Pradesh 173207


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