The Greenway Carousel, Boston. Important visiting information

Opening Time : 11:00 AM Closing Time : 08:00 PM
Closed ON : Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Closed on public holidays : No
Entery fee :  One Tickets for $3 and 10 tickets for $25 Authorization : No
Contact No : +1 888-239-7616 View address & how to reach
Seasonal Feature : Special Timing: Friday To Saturday: 11:00 AM To 08:00 PM, Sunday: 11:00 AM To 06:00 PM
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    The Greenway Carousel, Boston

    More about The Greenway Carousel, Boston and Historical Information

    With hand-crafted characters inspired by the air, sea, and land animals, the Greenway Carousel is one of its kind. The carousel features 36 seats on 14 characters designed by Boston school children. One of the most fun, safe, and affordable family-friendly activities, The Green Carousel allows you to reconnect with your friends and families. 

    Located in the Wharf District Parks of the Rose F Kennedy Greenway between Atlantic Avenue and Surface Artery, the carousel can be accessed by foot, public transport, and car.

    The Greenway Carousel, Boston address and how to reach

    Address : Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston, MA 02114, United States

    How To Reach: By Train: 4.3 Miles away from Backbay Railway Station
    By Air: 6.9 Miles away from Boston Logan International Airport

    Railway Address :Back Bay Station, 145 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116, United States Airport Address :Boston Logan International Airport, 1 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128, United States


    Way from Nearest Airport Way from Nearest Railway station

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